Provinding safe and efficient hoisting services to all our clients.
Eclipse Crane - SafetySafety is integral to the success of Eclipse Crane & Rigging Ltd. and it is our belief that we are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of our workers.

As the owner of Eclipse Crane and Rigging Ltd. I am committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury. We have developed a strong health and safety program that is committed to Health, Safety and the Environment. In addition, Eclipse Crane & Rigging Ltd. has SECOR and is registered on both Complyworks and ISNetworld safety systems.

Eclipse Crane & Rigging Ltd. is accountable for ensuring that the company and workers comply with all local, provincial and federal legislation relating to health, safety and transportation.

It is the responsibility of management to train and monitor all workers, provide equipment that is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and inspect work sites to ensure compliance with all legislation.

It is also our responsibility to ensure that:

  • Supervisors understand that it is their responsibility to ensure that healthy and safe work conditions are maintained
  • Employees understand their legislated responsibilities to work safely and report all unsafe or unhealthy conditions
  • The responsibilities of sub-contractors and their employees are defined and ensure that their standards meet or exceed regulatory standards
  • Training is provided to workers to ensure they are capable of performing their duties safely
  • The rules, policies, procedures and criteria of Eclipse Crane & Rigging Ltd. are communicated to and available to all employees.

We strive for excellence in safety performance – our goal is zero incidents, zero injuries!

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